Policy Priorities

The REACH Foundation partners with nonprofit organizations to advance policies that improve health equity in our service area.

The REACH Foundation’s mission is to advance equity in health care coverage, access and quality for uninsured and medically underserved people in our service area. To accomplish this, the foundation awards grants and partners on other activities that advance policies addressing health access and quality.

The foundation’s public policy work cuts across our three outcome areas, with a particular focus on implementation of the Affordable Care Act and expansion of Medicaid coverage in Kansas and Missouri. The foundation supports regional and statewide advocacy organizations, policy research, and advocacy capacity-building and evaluation. Grants support coalition building, community organizing, consumer engagement and legislative initiatives. REACH staff provide testimony on key health policies and work to educate local, state and federal elected officials with information on health barriers and disparities in their communities.

2018 Policy Priorities

Each year, the REACH Board of Directors adopts policy priorities for Kansas and Missouri that address the organization’s health interests.

2018 Kansas Policy Priorities        2018 Missouri Policy Priorities