Outcome Area

overlapping triangles
overlapping triangles

Bridge the Coverage Divide

Community Investment Framework

The REACH Foundation focuses its community investments in three outcome areas that support the foundation’s aim of achieving equitable health outcomes by removing barriers to health coverage and care. These outcomes are defined through a set of strategies that drive our work, partnerships and where we invest. The foundation places additional emphasis on the health access and care needs of populations that are consistently underserved: Immigrants, refugees, youth transitioning out of foster care, and homeless youth and adults. Together, the outcomes, strategies and priority populations frame the foundation’s strategic plan.


Protect the gains made in lowering the uninsured rate by county and continue to decrease the uninsured rate.

Outcome Area Focus

Bridge the coverage divide through expanded access to Medicaid and other publicly funded health and human services.

Strategy 1

Advocate, lobby and engage voters and citizens to advance policies that close the coverage gap, including Medicaid expansion.

Strategy 2

Connect health care consumers to culturally appropriate providers, health insurance and other public benefits.

Strategy 3

Support timely research to inform public policy and community action to improve population health.


Strengthen the Safety Net


Close the Health Equity Gap
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