Other Funded Projects

The REACH Foundation invests in initiatives to advance improvements in health care systems and build on promising programs. Examples include the Cultural Competency and Medical Home Initiatives, and other initiatives described here.

Health Reform Resource Project

The REACH Foundation partners with five health care conversion foundations in Kansas to jointly fund projects aimed at strengthening the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Informally known as Kansas Grantmakers in Health (KGIH), the six foundations established the Health Reform Resource Project and the KGIH Opportunity Fund. The Health Resource Reform Project provides technical assistance to Kansas nonprofit organizations working to address consumer health needs and coverage options under the ACA and to apply for grants available as a result of the health care law. The KGIH Opportunity Fund supports feasibility studies and surveys, architectural plans and other items necessary to secure federal and state grants. Since 2010, the REACH Foundation has allocated $410,860 for both projects.

Kansas Dental Project

The Kansas Dental Project was launched in 2010 as a collaborative effort to research and identify solutions to meeting oral health needs in rural and underserved communities in Kansas. Kansas Action for Children coordinates the project in partnership with the Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved and Kansas Health Consumer Coalition. Efforts to date include data collection, exploration of alternative workforce models, policy development and legislative activities that aim to address the community health impact of dental workforce shortages.