Funding Priorities

Grant making, policy and advocacy, and capacity building efforts are directed toward three outcomes:  enrolling all eligible in coverage, closing the coverage gap and strengthening the safety net.

Beginning in 2016, the REACH Foundation will begin implementation of a five-year strategic plan with a revised theory of change that builds on the foundation’s longstanding interest in health care coverage, access and quality. The strategic plan provides a sharper focus on improving the health of uninsured and medically underserved populations by emphasizing equity in health coverage and care. Our target population continues to be the uninsured in the foundation’s six-county service area, directing additional attention to highly vulnerable populations, including undocumented immigrant and refugee populations; homeless persons; and youth transitioning out of foster care.

Grant making, capacity building, advocacy and other foundation efforts will support three targeted outcomes:

  1. Enroll all eligible people in health coverage

  2. Close the health coverage gap in Kansas and Missouri

  3. Strengthen the safety net to serve those who remain uninsured and underserved

Theory of Change

Within the revised theory of change, each of the three outcome areas is linked to a set of strategies with defined targets, benchmarks and populations that describe how the foundation seeks to improve health care and health outcomes for uninsured and medically underserved individuals in our service area. The outcome areas and nine identified strategies frame the long-term impact we seek:

Achieve health equity by reducing barriers to coverage and care

View the Theory of Change (PDF)


The three outcome areas provide a sharpened focus and direction for the foundation’s investments. Together, the nine strategies encompassed in our three outcome areas present fresh opportunities for high-performing partners and enable us to identify and engage new partners as we work to address equity in health coverage and care. Each strategy details a strategic focus, target population, barriers we seek to address, background and rationale, and preliminary indicators of effectiveness. We approach this strategic plan and new theory of change as a mechanism for holding ourselves and our partners more accountable to impacting the rate of uninsurance and level of access to high-quality, coordinated and affordable health care.

Enroll All Eligible                         Close the Coverage Gap                         Strong Safety Net

Funding and Eligibility Requirements

The 2016-2020 strategic plan and theory of change will be introduced in 2016. While the foundation has maintained a longstanding commitment to funding oral health, mental health and safety net primary care services, there will be areas of our current work that will transition as the new strategies and funding projects are implemented in alignment with the revised theory of change. For information on funding and eligibility requirements, review the Eligibility Criteria and contact a member of the program staff.

Contact William Moore, Ph.D., Vice President of Program and Evaluation