Kansas and Missouri Consumer Health Access Survey

June 11, 2018

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The Kansas and Missouri Consumer Health Access Survey was designed to provide a clearer picture of access to health care in Kansas and Missouri from the perspective of consumers.The survey focused on adults ages 19-64 and covered insurance status; access to health, mental health and dental coverage and care; unmet care needs for chronic conditions; prevalence of medical debt and more. A total of 4,274 adults and 1,159 children completed interviews between September 2017 and January 2018. Findings were released in June 2018.

Five health foundations collaborated to support the two-state survey. The funders included the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City, Kansas Health Foundation, Missouri Foundation for Health, REACH Healthcare Foundation and United Methodist Health Ministry Fund.


  • A substantial number of Kansas and Missouri residents live in households carrying medical debt — 28 percent of Kansas adults and 34 percent of Missouri adults reported having medical debt.
  • Nearly two-thirds of adults in both states have a diagnosed chronic condition such as heart disease or diabetes; one third have been diagnosed for mental health, substance abuse or addiction.
  • Barriers to dental care were reported by residents in both states. Over one third in both states lacked dental coverage; one in five reported being unable to secure the care they needed.
  • More than two-thirds of adults reported having a place to go for medical care other than an emergency room or urgent care. Nearly 40 percent in Kansas and 32 percent in Missouri said they go to a community health center for their care.

Additional information can be found in the final report and other materials.


Mental Health Access in Our Region, RTI International, 2018

Oral Health Access in Our Region, RTI International, 2018


KMHS Final Report

KMHS Methodology Report

KMHS PowerPoint Presentation Slide Deck

KMHS Survey Questionnaire


For more information on the study, contact Dawn Downes, Senior Program Officer, dawn@reachhealth.org


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