Resources: Supreme Court Hearings on ACA

March 24, 2012  |  Foundation News, Resources and Reports

The Supreme Court of the United States will spend three days, March 26-28, 2012, hearing arguments regarding four legal challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The following is a list of informative articles previewing these arguments:

The New York Times: A Guide to the Supreme Court Challenges to Obama’s Health Care Law, an interactive overview of the legal challenges.

The New York Times: At Center of Health Care Fight, a 1942 Case of a Farmer’s Wheat, an article detailing the history of the Commerce Clause.

National Public Radio: Obama’s Health Care Law in Court: An Overview, an audio report clearly breaking down the legal challenges.

SCOTUS Blog: Argument Previews, Health care, Part I, the power to decide?, Health care, Part II, the fate of the mandate, Health care, Part III, beyond the mandate, Health care, Part IV, the Medicaid expansion, a series of blog posts previewing each of the four issues to be argued from a detailed legal perspective. 

Cover Missouri, Health Reform: The Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court, a two-page overview of the legal challenges. 


The following is a list of general resources on the ACA:, the federal government’s website regarding the ACA, which includes pages on the effects of the ACA in Kansas and Missouri.

Kaiser Family Foundation, Health Reform Resource, a comprehensive sub-website devoted to information surrounding all aspects of health reform. 

Cover Missouri includes multiple reference guides and fact sheets regarding the ACA and its impact on Missouri.

Kansas Health Institute recently completed a series of briefs exploring the ACA and its impact on Kansas.

The Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City tracks both regional and national reports and has original reporting on the ACA and the Kansas City region.