REACH Welcomes New Director of Communications, Colin Bennett

May 9, 2023

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REACH Healthcare Foundation is pleased to introduce Colin Bennett, our new Director of Communications.

Colin will manage the overall brand strategy for REACH, and engage in communication efforts that help further the foundation’s mission to advance equity in health coverage and care. Colin brings an extensive nonprofit background to the position. He joined the REACH team on Tuesday, May 2.

Working with the foundation team, Colin will implement communications and public relations efforts designed to strengthen grantee, community, media and government understanding and interest in the foundation’s mission and purpose.

Previously, Colin worked as the Marketing Manager of Kansas City-based Nonprofit Connect, a nonprofit professional development association, where he connected nonprofit professionals to resources that would help them achieve their missions. Most notably, during his time there, he helped pioneer the new nonprofit holiday ‘501c Day’ on May 1, and guided a series of roundtables for nonprofit marketing professionals.

Before that he spent time in a variety of nonprofit organizations, working in leadership or communication roles. He served as the Public Relations Assistant Manager at The American Theatre Guild before COVID shut down the Broadway Industry, and prior to that worked as the Lead Camp Instructor at the Kansas City Zoo.

“REACH is delighted to have Colin join our team. His sincere enthusiasm and prior experience working with Kansas City’s nonprofit organizations will be invaluable to the foundation as we continue to strengthen our partnerships, and elevate health issues across this community,” said Brenda Sharpe, President & CEO.

“It has been such a pleasure onboarding with the REACH team over the past week. I’m incredibly excited to join this team, and assist the incredible work they are doing in Kansas/Missouri. The expertise that the team brings to each of their roles, is something that I’m honored to be a part of,” said Colin Bennett.

Colin holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Arkansas with a focus on Advertising and Public Relations. He currently lives in Waldo with his wife, black lab, and two cats.


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