REACH Releases Survey of Grantees, Applicants

November 14, 2012  |  Foundation News  | Download File


The REACH Foundation this year implemented a new applicant and grantee feedback process for the competitive grant cycle. Organizations that submitted a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the Foundation for 2012 were invited to complete a web-based survey designed to measure their experience responding to the LOI and, for those invited, preparing the full proposal. The survey also asked for information about the:

  • Utility of Foundation resources available to applicants;
  • Value of feedback received from Foundation staff;
  • Manner in which applicants were treated and the helpfulness of staff during the application process;
  • Clarity and consistency of Foundation communications.

Respondents were asked to reflect on the value of the Foundation’s investments to their organization and the community, consumers and the field at large. Their answers provided feedback on the impact of REACH’s grant-making and change-making efforts in advancing knowledge and influencing health care policy in their respective fields.

Responses indicated the Foundation is:

  • Perceived to be fair, respectful and supportive of applicants and grantees;
  • Perceived to be providing a thorough and thoughtful review of LOIs and Full Proposals;
  • Perceived to be helpful and to have a clear and consistent application process;
  • Providing useful resources and information for applicants as they prepare their LOI and full proposal; and
  • Providing clear and consistent communications about REACH’s mission, goals and funding interest areas.

Survey responses identified areas for improvement, including:

  • Refinements to the online application to improve clarity and ease of use;
  • Streamlining Full Proposal templates to reduce the burden on applicants;
  • Providing additional information on the Foundation’s Theory of Change to continue educating applicants and grantees of the value and utility of this tool;
  • Growing our presence and contribution in each of REACH’s interest areas;
  • Informing the field of our efforts to influence and shape health care policy.

The report summarizes the results and compares them to internal benchmarks, or thresholds, of quality the Foundation has identified to assess organizational performance. For more information about the survey or the results, contact:

William Moore, Ph.D., Vice President, Program, Policy and Evaluation,

Read the 2012 Applicant and Grantee Perception Survey Report.