Medicaid Expansion Brief Highlights Workforce Benefits

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One in six Kansans under age 65 lacks health insurance, even though tens of thousands of them have jobs, according to “”Medicaid Expansion: A Pro-Growth Policy,” a new brief published by the Kansas Center for Economic Growth. The brief outlines the advantages of expanding Medicaid for Kansas workers. The report describes the impact Medicaid expansion would have on employed Kansans:

  • Nearly 100,000 working adults who have no health insurance could gain coverage through Medicaid expansion.
  • The list of Kansas workers who would benefit from expansion includes more than 100 job types, including child care workers, restaurant workers, nursing assistants, and grocery and other retail sales.
  • The largest percentage gains would be in more rural areas of the state.

The Kansas Center for Economic Growth is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that conducts research and analysis to advance state policies that help ensure all Kansans prosper. The Medicaid expansion brief was supported by the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City, Kansas Health Foundation, REACH Healthcare Foundation, Sunflower Foundation and United Methodist Health Ministry Fund.

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