Applicant & Grantee Survey

In 2012, the REACH Foundation introduced a new applicant and grantee feedback process. All applicants and grantees that submit Letters of Intent during the previous grant cycle are invited to complete a web-based survey designed to measure their experience in preparing a Letter of Intent and/or a full grant proposal. The survey seeks information on the:

  • Utility of Foundation resources available to applicants;
  • Value of feedback received from Foundation staff;
  • Manner in which applicants were treated and the helpfulness of staff during the application process;
  • Clarity and consistency of Foundation communications;
  • Perceived value of the Foundation’s philanthropic investments in the community.

Responses provide feedback on the perceived impact of REACH’s grant-making and change-making efforts.

2014 Applicant-Grantee Survey Report

2013 Applicant-Grantee Survey Report

2012 Applicant-Grantee Survey Report

For more information about the survey, contact William Moore, Ph.D., Vice President, Program, Policy and Evaluation,