From the President and CEO: Registered Dental Practitioner is a Workforce Solution

February 13, 2014  |  Message from the CEO

Message from the President and CEO

February 12, 2014

Kansas’ dental workforce shortage has been well-documented. We know that 95 of 105 counties in Kansas don’t have enough dentists. Thirty-seven counties lack even a single dentist who will accept KanCare, Kansas’ Medicaid program. 

For nearly six years, a coalition of health providers and advocates have gathered research, reviewed promising programs, and talked with dental professionals and health leaders in our state and around the country about a model that would create new avenues for oral health access in our most underserved areas — the Registered Dental Practitioner.

At this point, more than 50 organizations support the establishment of the Registered Dental Practitioner as part of Kansas’ dental workforce. Unfortunately, the state dental association continues to resist efforts to implement or event test this model, which a number of other states are using or considering.