Outcome Area

Enroll All Eligible

Theory of Change

In 2016, the REACH Foundation began implementation of a five-year strategic plan with a revised Theory of Change that built on the foundation's longstanding interest in health care coverage, access and quality. The Theory of Change details our strategic focus, target populations, barriers we seek to address and preliminary indicators of effectiveness.

Long Term Impact

Achieve health equity by reducing barriers to coverage and care.


Reduce the percentage of uninsured in the foundation’s service area from 11% in 2014 to less than 5% by 2020.

Outcome Area Strategies

Enroll all eligible people in the health insurance marketplace or existing public health insurance programs.

Strategy 1

Navigators and other assisters and community initiatives to help eligible consumers enroll in health insurance.

Strategy 2

Advocacy, outreach and media campaigns to increase the number and types of consumers enrolled in health insurance.


Strong Safety Net


Close the Coverage Gap
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