Consumer Health Survey Underway

The REACH Foundation along with foundations in Kansas and Missouri is supporting a survey to examine consumer experience with health insurance and access to care.

The REACH Healthcare Foundation, in partnership with other area health care foundations in Kansas and Missouri, is sponsoring the Kansas and Missouri Consumer Health Access Survey (KMHS). This telephone survey is currently underway in Kansas and Missouri. The survey has been developed to understand consumers’ experience and perspectives regarding health insurance coverage, health services, and other issues that affect access to health care.

To conduct this project, RTI, International, an independent, non-profit research organization, has been contracted to call a random sample of adults in Kansas and Missouri between September and December 2017. The survey includes questions about health insurance coverage, use of health services, and access to health care. If you receive a call, your participation is important to assure that survey results represent the experience of adults in Kansas and Missouri. Results from the KMHS will be used for the evaluation of health care programs and services and ultimately, have the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of people living in Kansas and Missouri.

If you receive a call from staff at RTI, please contribute to our research by participating. If you have questions about the survey or your participation, you may call 1-800-613-2408 for further information and assistance.

The Kansas and Missouri Consumer Health Access Survey is being supported by the following nonprofit organizations: