Director Qualifications

Residency Requirements

Per the requirements set out upon the formation of the REACH Foundation, directors must be residents of the REACH Foundation’s geographic service area:  Allen, Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas, or Cass, Lafayette and Jackson counties in Missouri, or the City of Kansas City, Missouri (including the portion of Clay and Platte counties within the city limits.).

Diversity and Other Qualifications

Directors of the corporation as a whole will reflect the geographic, ethnic, gender, age, socio-economic and professional diversity of the REACH Foundation’s specified service area (see above). The authorities appointing members to the initial Board of Directors and thereafter the CAC, shall have the responsibility for (a) perpetuating the diversity of the Board in all respects set forth above, and (b) ensuring that each nominee and the Board as a whole, has demonstrated expertise, education, or experience in the provision of health care, asset management, investment strategies, philanthropic administration, community health care, community development or outreach, or other related areas of expertise, experience and/or education, so that the Board can best fulfill its obligations to the communities served.

Persons Not Eligible to Serve as Directors

Individuals who hold an elected or appointed position with federal, state or local governmental entities (hereinafter referred to as “Public Officials”) are eligible to serve as Directors if the elected or appointed position is uncompensated or nominally compensated. Any Director elected to a public office with compensation shall be deemed to have resigned as a Board Member upon certification of their election to the office. Community Advisory Committee members may be nominated for election to the Board of Directors, but also must resign from the Community Advisory Committee if so elected.

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