Regional Health Data Project

Health assessment reports providing a picture of health care status and health conditions and trends in the bi-state region.

The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) prepared Kansas City Regional Health Assessments for the REACH Foundation, analyzing health care coverage, access and health concerns of uninsured and other vulnerable populations in the Kansas City metropolitan area. These reports update an analysis published in 2010. These reports focus on two overlapping areas:  the REACH Foundation’s six-county, bi-state service area and the MARC region, which includes five additional counties in Kansas and Missouri for a total of 11.

As part of the 2015 health data assessment update, MARC has developed a health data website with downloadable and print-ready reports and charts. The website can be accessed here.

2016 County Health Profiles

2015 County Health Profiles

2013 County Health Profiles

About the Data

The reports provide analysis of secondary data that pertain to the health and health care of the medically vulnerable, including:

  • Demographic data on vulnerable populations;
  • Health and disease data and trends most pertinent to vulnerable populations;
  • Data on the region’s insured and uninsured, both by county and by Public Use Microdata Sample Areas (PUMAs) from the American Community Survey provided by the U.S. Census Bureau;
  • Analysis of available information to help identify emerging issues or geographic areas of concern;
  • Individual county profiles for each of the 11 counties that encompass the REACH service area and MARC region

Health Assessment Reports and Other Materials

For More Information

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