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What We're Reading at REACH

Feature: What we’re reading at REACH

In our work, we come across a number of news items and reports related to the REACH Foundation’s funding priorities and strategic goals. “What we’re reading at REACH” is a collection of links to noteworthy articles that have caught our attention.

Earlier this week, the Kansas Health Institute reported on preparations for the launch of the Kansas Health Information Exchange. Read the stories:

“Kansas breaks ground on statewide digital health network,”  May 28, 2012

“Health information exchange: An interview with Dr. Joe Davison,” May 28, 2012

“Public awareness campaign begins for health information network” May 23, 2012


National news of interest:

NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health, conducted a poll on being sick in America with a summary report and personal stories.

The New York Times published an opinion-documentary by Peter Nicks, a filmmaker who produced a documentary on patients in the waiting room. The Op-Doc is adapted from the full length documentary and story-telling project, “The Waiting Room.” 



Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center Opens New Facility


Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center opened its new $25.1 million facility last week, located at 825 Euclid in Kansas City, Missouri, just across the street from its old facility. Read The Kansas City Star article on the new clinic.